LAS Team

The art community is global, yet, in many ways the art market is one of the areas that has been the least changed by the technological evolution LiveArtSocial is a by-invitation-only network for Art professionals and Art collectors & enthusiasts around the world. As an art fair visitor or participant, have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of events there are to attend, artists not to miss, or the number of people to meet the logistics.

We have tailored LiveArtSocial so you can optimise your time navigating an art week and select those opportunities with the greatest potential. Through our app you are connected to the relevant people in the art world. You can instantly geolocate booths, exhibitions, artists, talks or social activities, as well as identifying services and people near you or based on recommendations of fellow members and common interests.

In cooperation with art fairs, art institutions & galleries, you can store all your event information & passes and events programmes in a global art agenda, in one app, and interact and RSVP directly to the organisers.

Privacy is paramount and fully customisable to the preferences of each individual.

Better information flow for better decision making.
As with everything else there is value in connections: this means knowledge, information and access. Our aim is not to make the art world more transparent, but rather to accommodate it in its current state, to more efficiently collect and distribute information, and to make it easier to form relevant social connections.

Collecting is a global affair
Collectors are globally active. Some travel regularly but others require information in a format they can access anywhere in the world. With so many simultaneous events held in diverse locations, it is inevitable that they will coincide. We want to provide a platform to centralise global user experiences. This will give users comprehensive access to events they are unable to attend, and offers local fairs and exhibitions the opportunity to reach a global audience.

Art events organisers: Thinking as one and thinking globally
in order to increase visitor numbers and optimise guest participation. The dozens of annual fairs play a significant role in sales, visibility and social activities. If guests have one tool through which they can access art and related social events within a carefully curated network of fellow art professionals, collectors and enthusiasts, all will benefit. At the same time, it helps foster existent connections and establish new, valuable ones, thereby making participation in the hectic art weeks around the globe more inviting.